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Prof. Hatamura, the head of the International Exchange Office, visited schools with academic exchange agreements in Singapore and Malaysia.



Prof. Hatamura, the head of the International Exchange Office, had a tour to visit the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) in Singapore and the MARA University of Technology (UiTM) in Malaysia from Tuesday, September 6/ 2022 to Thursday, September 8/2022. He had meetings with respective schools to discuss student exchanges that were suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic and international exchange for the future. We have signed an academic exchange agreement with each of the schools. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we interacted well with them through student exchange during the summer holiday and short-term exchange students.

Visited the office of the School of Business Management at the Nanyang Polytechnic

Tour of the school facilities
raining area which all of the students in the school can use freely Students in the picture are from Thailand to attend the summer school

Prof. Hatamura had a meeting with Khoo Charmain (lecturer) of the School of Business Management of the Nanyang Polytechnic (hereinafter NYP) regarding student exchange for international training next year. After the meeting, he had a tour of the facilities of the School of Business Management and the School of Engineering. He was explained about classes, 3DCAD apparatus, and products designed using the apparatus in the school.

During the meeting

Group picture after the meeting at the MARA University of Technology

He visited the MARA University of Technology (hereinafter UiTM) after his visit to NYP. He attended a meeting for international exchange where people in charge from each department gathered. Prof. Hatamura made a presentation about the current situation of the international exchange of Ube Kosen. Also, they exchanged information regarding short-term international students of UiTM to visit Ube Kosen scheduled in October and December as well as future interactions with each other.

Students joining English training at UiTM

Group picture by wearing traditional clothes

After the meeting, he visited a class where our students were there for English training. Our students were taking an experience-based class that was to wear traditional clothes and learn traditional dance. It left an impression that students were enjoying the class.

We resumed accepting short-term international students from the partner schools of Taiwan and Malaysia in October, also, we sent our students to international training during the summer after 2 years of suspension because the international travel restrictions were mitigated. It is slowly getting back to the regular situation that is before Covid-19.

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