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English training at The University of Newcastle (City of Newcastle, Australia)



Our two students joined an English training which was held at the University of Newcastle (City of Newcastle, Australia) from Saturday, August 20/ 2022 to Sunday, September 25/ 2022.

The feature of the Australian training is to be offered English training and homestay as a set. During the training, students attended the classes while they experienced the local lifestyle as they lived with the host family.

During the orientation

Group picture with the instructor and classmates

Students learned about cultures and festivals for different countries, weather and disaster, and technology each week during the training. They had many opportunities to have discussions and make presentations in English using sentence structures they learned in the classes, which Kosen did not provide. They practiced speaking skills as well as learned how to prepare material for a presentation and how to act during a presentation.

Also, it was an opportunity for them to learn about different cultures because there were students from many different countries as Australia was a multinational country. Our students had an opportunity to make a presentation about Japanese festivals and traditions, which made them learn more about their own country.

Activity after school

Driving with the host family

Visited Sydney Harbour (night view) on a day off

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