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Provided a class to 6th grade students of Higashikiwa elementary school



Two international students from Laos and six students of the 3rd-year of the Department of Business Administration provided a class to 6th-grade students of Higashikiwa elementary school on Wednesday, November 10, 2021. The topic of the class was “Let’s research the country of Laos!”.

It is an activity to provide a class to elementary/ junior high school students. Our students go to the neighboring schools and provide a class under various topics.

In the class, the international students introduced Laos, and we did quizzes about Laos. The elementary school students experienced international communication through the presentation provided by the international students and quizzes prepared by Kosen students. They seemed to enjoy the class and learn about overseas.

International students introducing Laos

During the quizzes about Laos

Students Comments

OKADA Asumi(3rd-year of the Department of Business Administration)

The class had the same content as the class we did at Kamihara elementary school in June this year. So we discussed how to improve the preparations such as quizzes. We were able to be well prepared after some improvement and provide the class.
The elementary students listened to the two international students well and they answered the quizzes by discussing in each group. So it was very exciting. Elementary students also asked some questions about Laos and Ube Kosen. We enjoyed communicating with them.
We had some issues to solve, such as voice tones for presentations, communication with elementary school teachers. But we made some slides to match the time allocation, subjects. Also, when we presented, we paid attention to how we spoke. So it was a fulfilled class.

SYPHACHONE THID (3rd-year of the Department of Business Administration, Laos international student)

I was glad I had an opportunity to introduce Laos and Laos culture to Japanese elementary students. The elementary students accepted us with kindness and they were cooperative. We enjoyed the class. I was happy that Japanese elementary students were interested in my country and culture.

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