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The Student Council held a new event, “International BBQ”



The Student Council at Ube Kosen held a new event, “International BBQ in Ube Kosen-See ya, best friends from Australia-”. Not only the school staff and the students, but also the short term international students from Australia and Taiwan, the long-term international students from China, Laos, Mongolia, Indonesia, and Cameroon. The kids from Misaki elementary school also joined the event. About 150 people deepened their friendship through the BBQ or games.

That day was July 7th, 2015. It was Tanabata, so the vice-promoter of the event played Orihime (Vega). Before she gave an opening speech, the booths of each country started to offer the meat which they usually eat in their home countries and the BBQ started. The international students from many countries, the students and staff of Ube Kosen had a great time to talk to each other.


The short-term students from Australia




Also, Students’ Social Action club of the Student Council held “Making a marble kaleidoscope” for the elementary school students and the international students. You can enjoy unlimited patterns because a marble kaleidoscope shows the view around you. All the students tried to make it for the first time, so they really enjoyed and they brought it back home as a present. The international students can bring it back to their home countries and they can show it to their friends or families.


Moreover, they played Yes/ No quiz about each country. Both the international students and the students from Ube Kosen deepened their friendship through talking or gestures. At the end of the event, the vice-promoter of the event who played Oirihime chose Hikoboshi (Altair) from the international students. It was a surprise event for the students, but they really enjoyed “International BBQ”.


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