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English training at HUIS TEN BOSCH



On October 8th and 9th, 28 second-year students of the Department of Business Administration attended an overnight English training at English Square in HUIS TEN BOSCH- it is located in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture.


The Department of Business Administration gives its students training like this in order to instill a desire for studying English. The department also helps students get familiar with English through fun conversations with native English teachers.

The students experienced three different types of English lessons- Street English, Situation English, and Survey & Presentation at English Square.


All lessons had one native English teacher in every seven students. Naturally, the students could have more chances to talk in English compare to the English lessons at their school. They tried to be aggressive in talking with other people in English.



Also, the end of the training at English Square, one student from our school got an award in each section-Best English Enthusiasm, Best English Performance, and Best Overall Performance.


Some students remarked on the training as below
“It was good to be able to communicate in English.”
“I would like to join the training again if I have a chance.”
“I would like to try an overseas internship.”
All the students who joined the training seem to realize that the most important thing is to have the courage to try to speak English even if they may make a mistake.

The students consider this training as a first step to try an overseas training or an overseas internship during the long-term holiday.

Also they aim at being global human resources.

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