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Field trip for international students



On October 18th, our international students and their tutors went on a field trip. International students will experience Japanese history, culture and natural features. They can also strengthen friendship with their tutors. The field trip is held every year for these reason.

In all, 14 international students and their tutors went on a field trip led by Associate Professor of the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Shimabukuro, to Hiroshima city and Miyajima. First, they visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and explored Hiroshima city.

After that, they visited Miyajima. They all had experience of making Momiji-manju and enjoyed fresh manju.


They also explored the town and visited Itsukushima shrine and a temple. They could experience a history of Hiroshima, and unique natural features of Miyajima. They enjoyed a meaningful time there.

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