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Ube Kosen organized the second spring English training at Daegu Gyeongbuk English Village of Yeungjin University for two weeks from Sunday, March 10th to Saturday, March 23rd. The first English training was done two years ago. This time, we invited other Kosen students within the fourth district. Total of 22 students participated in the training. (12 students, 6 from 1st year and 6 from 2nd year, from Ube Kosen, 7 students from Oshima Kosen, 1 student from Tsuyama Kosen and 2 students from Matsue Kosen)

This English training is targeted for junior students, who just graduated middle school, can learn English conversation in fun environment. It is one of the training courses for junior students can join. Teachers at Daege Gyeongbuk English Village are certified by University of Wisconsin Rivers Falls in the United States. This is the feature of the English Village. All the teachers are native English speaker from U.S.A., UK and Canada. They teach English based on TESOL, which is English teaching method for Non- English speakers.


English Class (1)


English Class (2)

The English Village has well equipped facilities and you are able to learn everyday English by simulating like living in overseas at each facility. We organize a language training (spring) and an academic training (summer) at Yeungjin University, Korea every year.


Stimulating Class by using one of the facilities

Message from students (school year is when they joined the training.)

Mr. Atsuki Oyama(2nd year at Department of Intelligent System Engineering)

I took English classes which taught by teachers from United States, United Kingdom and some other countries at English Village of Yeungjin University.
All of the English classes was fun, and I believe my English conversation level was improved because I had many opportunities to talk to English teachers.
I was worried because visiting Korea was my first trip to overseas, but people in Korea were kind and the environment was great. I spent my time very comfortably.
The experience I had in this training will be benefits for my future. And I would like to visit to other countries to learn more before I graduate from Kosen.

Ms. Risa Sogo(1st year at Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)

I was very worried because it was my first overseas and first studying abroad. But I had great two weeks because my friends also joined the training, and English teachers at English Village.This training made me like English more and made me want to go to study abroad again. I thought studying abroad was too early for me because I was only 1st year student, but I was glad that I had courage to join the training.

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