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Training at National United University in Taiwan



5 students from 3rd year of the Department of Intelligent System Engineering participated in a training during spring break from Monday, March 11th to Friday, March 29th at National United University in Miaoli city, Taiwan. We signed MOU with National United University, and this was our fifth spring break training. Total of 9 students joined the training. (2 students from Tsuyama Kosen, 1 student from Niihama Kosen, 1 student from Kisarazu Kosen and 5 students from Ube Kosen)


9 Kosen students who participated in the training (5 from Ube, 2 from Tsuyama, 1 from Niihama, 1 from Kisarazu)

They were assigned to respective research offices in their specialty and worked hard with National United University students on an assignment given by their professor.
All students presented their research result in English at the reporting session on the last day. After the presentation, they received a certificate from professors who coached students.


Reporting session on the last day


Kosen students with certificate after the presentation

Other than training, Kosen students visited famous historic places with National United University students. Also they had an opportunity to learn Taiwanese food culture. We believe that experiences students had for this 3 weeks will be beneficial for them in the future.

Playing basketball after school 20141219_2Cultural experience
Weekend cross-cultural trip (Taipei) 20141219_2Weekend cross-cultural trip (Tainan)
Chinese conversation class after school (1) 20141219_2Chinese conversation class after school (2)

National United University students will visit Japan in end of June, and they will have 1 month training at Ube Kosen. Also, our advanced course students will have a training for almost 2 months from July to September, and we will have our regular 1 month summer training in August.

Message from students (school year is when they joined the training.)

Ms. Ririka Shigenaga(3rd year at Department of Intelligent System Engineering)

I developed an application by using Arduino on my research. This application controls on and off of LED and displays electric current value and elapsed time. I managed to almost complete the application by the end even though it was very difficult for me because it was my first time to use Arduino language and I had to work under unfamiliar environment with no Japanese.
I went to trips with Taiwanese students and played games, sports and did pottery after school and on weekends. I made many friends during my stay. I was worried first because it was my first time overseas, but I enjoyed my stay because of the support I received from many people.
Taiwanese students were very kind and I managed to communicate with my poor English. I want to improve my English to make more conversation for my next trip, and it is good motivation to learn English.
I met other Kosen students in Taiwan and it was also good experience for me. I would like to communicate with international students who visit Ube Kosen from now on because I had this experience.

Mr. Naoki Yamaguchi(3rd year at Department of Intelligent System Engineering)

I was very worried because this was my first time overseas, but I had great training with the support provided by volunteer students of National United University.
My assignment was to save data of voltage and current received from solar panel on internet database by connecting Arduino and computer. Sometimes it was difficult because I was instructed in English by students in the research office, but they were very patient with me and I managed to complete my assignment.

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