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We had poster presentations of spring international training achievements



Seventeen students made a poster presentation which was about international training they had during spring break at open space in the corridor between Chemical and Biological Engineering Building and General Education Building after school on Thursday, April 25th.


Poster presentation #1


Poster presentation #2

Twelve students (1st and 2nd year) had English training at English Village, Yeungjin University in Korea and five students of the 3rd year had experimental/ practical training at National United University in Taiwan performed poster presentations separated by two groups at different time.


Poster presentation #3


Poster presentation #4

Students were divided into two groups (A and B), and each student made five minutes presentation three times. Not only students participated in the training came to join the presentation, but teachers and many other students who were planning to go to international training this year joined as well. It went very enthusiastically.


Poster presentation #5

Seventy students will go to international training for this summer and we will have more students to join international training through this year as well.

Message from students who made poster presentation

Ms. Risa Sogo, 2nd year of Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

I had language training at English Village, Yeungjin University in Korea. I was very nervous first because it was my first time overseas. But with support from my friends who also joined the training and teachers, I had a great time for the two weeks.
All the classes at English Village were done in English and I did not understand what teachers said first. But as I listened to English every day, I started to understand what teachers were saying. I enjoyed classes and conversations with teachers very much once I started to understand English. I was scared to make the poster presentation, but I tried to speak with a smile and also energetically. It was great that I managed to tell how great studying abroad was to my audiences.

Mr. Keita Higuchi, 4th year of Department of Intelligent System Engineering

I joined international training at National United University in Taiwan. This was my third time to join international training and I was more comfortable using English this time. So I could spend time more relaxed with teachers and students in the research office.
I had weekend trips to Taipei, Tainan and other places. It was a great three weeks. I learned the fundamental of Chinese from a native speaker in Chinese class once a week and it made me want to learn Chinese more.
I made a poster presentation three times to Kosen students and teachers. I also did it in English for international students twice. It was great that I could inform how fun the international training was to my juniors as this was my last training in overseas.

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