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Taiwanese and Korean short-term international students presented their accomplishments



Nine international students from National United University (Miaoli city, Taiwan), Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages (Kaohsiung city, Taiwan) and Yeungjin University (Daegu city, Korea) reported their accomplishments on Friday, July 19th. They started their training at Ube Kosen in the middle of June.


One of the students is presenting his accomplishment


Group picture after the presentation

Seven international students were from Taiwan and two international students were from Korea. Five of them had the training such as experiments and practices in research offices in their specialized departments. And four of them had Chinese practical education training. All the students joined various school and dormitory activities after school and on weekends.

Practical training (Chinese class at 2nd year students) 20141219_2International exchange activity (Participated in Japanese traditional tea ceremony provided by flower arrangement/ tea ceremony club)
Farewell party 20141219_2With international students

Group picture after the farewell party

We will accept some students from Taiwan National United University and Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic in second half semester.

Message from short-term international students

HOU YAN-JIUN (3rd year of Business Administration, National United University)

I am very happy that I had an opportunity to study in Japan. I enjoyed very much staying at Ube Kosen for 24 days during this summer training. I also learned so many things.
I learned an operational theory in NIH Business Management first, and I was able to continue my research. Then I managed to present my accomplishment in English. I would not be able to perform anything without Associate Prof. Nakaoka’s guidance and his support. I was able to understand the study quickly because Associate Prof. Nakaoka supported me.
I had good time in the research office because it was pleasant to be with Kosen students. They were nice to me very much and supported me well.
The time I spent in Ube Kosen was very comfortable and enjoyable. I was very happy not only with a good living environment, but also I had an opportunity to spend time with Japanese and other international students from Taiwan, Korea, and Malaysia. The time I was with them is very important and nostalgic. I will never forget the wonderful days like the time I chatted with, the time I had meals with, the time I went out with in Ube Kosen.
Lastly, I would like to thank Prof. Hatamura. He took care of us, international students, by providing support, and he processed some paper works, made plans, and did other things for us. Thank you very much. Also, I thank all the support provided by faculties, staff, and students at Ube Kosen. With your hospitality, we were able to have a great time without any problems. I am looking forward to seeing you all sometime.


Ms. Chia-chi Tsai (3rd year of Chinese Language and Literature, National United University)

I am very appreciative that I taught Chinese as a teaching practicum student at Ube Kosen. When I found out the summer training at Ube Kosen, I was very excited and at the same time I got nervous and worried. Because this was my first time training and overseas. This training was such a challenge for me.
We were assigned to Prof. Hatamura’s class (ten 2nd year students) and Mr. Nomura’s classes (four classes of 4th year students).
I still remember my first class (2nd year students) to teach with my fellow students. Kosen students were very shy because it was their first time to communicate with foreigners. Also, students in the Chinese class were from different classes. So they were not that active. We did not expect such a reaction, so we only discussed how we would make them relaxed and not feel shy.
On our third day, we had forty students in a class. I never had such a teaching experience, so I was very worried about how to teach. But Prof. Hatamura and Mr. Nomura encouraged us and gave us confidence. They advised us to teach the class with confidence and smile. The class with mostly male students gave us a shock because the students chatted during the class and did not listen to the teacher. Luckily, we got closer to the students as time went by, we managed to find the best way to teach the students.
Prof. Hatamura and Mr. Nomura gave us some advice before each class started and we discussed how the classes went at the end of the day. That way, we developed our teaching skills. I appreciate your support.


Mr. Jeong Hae Seon (1st year of Computer Applied Mechanics, Yeungjin University, Korea)

I had many new experiences during this short-term training such as making WC-Ni and tools. I was able to make cemented carbide with the advice given by Associate Prof. and fellow students in the research office. It was a very precious experience. I will use the knowledge and skills I learned this time to study further back in Korea. I thank Associate Prof. Shinoda, fellow students in the research office and technical staff.

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