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Short-term international students from Taiwan received a certificate of training completion



Ms. Hsieh Pei-Chi and Ms. Lin Yu-Hsuan from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages (Kaohsiung city) who had English teaching practice at Ube Kosen over four months received a certificate of training completion given by President Masao Yamakawa in his office on Saturday, August 10th.


Reporting their four months of training to President Yamakawa


Received a certificate of training completion in the president office

These two students came to Ube Kosen in this April. They taught English as part of the training at Ube Kosen, Mizome Elementary School (Ube city) and Department of Medicine and Health Sciences, Yamaguchi University. They also joined many international activities at Ube Kosen and our dormitory.


Teaching at Mizome Elementary School

They performed a presentation each in English to report the accomplishment of their four months training on Thursday, August 8th.

Ms. Hsieh Pei-Chi (Bella) at her presentation 20141219_2Ms. Lin Yu-Hsuan (Iris) at her presentation
A Kosen student asking questions 20141219_2Answering questions

Group picture after the presentation

They gave a mini English conversation class to middle school students as International Exchange Office staff during our open campus on the day before their departure on August 10th.

We will accept another practicum student from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages in October. And the student will help Ube Kosen students to improve their English and communication skills.

Message from the short-term international students


Ms. Lin Yu-Hsuan (Iris)

I am so happy and feel honored that I can come to Ube Kosen to have an internship, for Ube Kosen gives us an opportunity to come here. In these four months, I not only experienced Japanese local culture and made a lot of friends from different countries. The most important is that I had lots of teaching experience, and learned some teaching skills and knowledge. I was so lucky that I could teach different ages of students who study in elementary school, kosen, and university in these four months. All in all, thanks to the teachers, students, and friends here, they really help me a lot.



Ms. Hsieh Pei-Chi (Bella)

First, thanks for Ube Kosen give me this precious opportunity to come to Japan for internship.
It is a big challenge for me to go abroad for internship, especially, it is the first time for me to face the new environment and teachers and students in different country. I have the class in Mizome elementary school, Yamaguchi university and Ube Kosen, I really learned a lot in these four months. From the first day that the kids feel strange about us, and the last day the kids feel reluctantly because of our leaving. It has a large different between every teacher, all the teaching methods are totally different than I thought before. The teacher really take care about us, and support our teaching, I really appreciate for the teachers. At last, I want to thank all the teachers and students for giving me those big support during my internship. Thank you.


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