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Online Chinese Class with Taiwanese Partner School Students



All students in the second and third years have participated in the Interdepartmental Education Program PBL “Project Learning” since August 24. Students select one project out of twenty-nine projects provided by teachers from the General Education Department and respective Specialized Departments. Then students try to achieve the project by working with other students actively. It started last year, and this is the second year.

Twelve students joined a project called “Let’s Talk in Chinese: Learn Chinese Online with Taiwanese Students, for Beginner” which is one of the twenty-nine projects. Students have an online Chinese class privately with students of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages (Kaohsiung city) which we signed an MOU with.

Students prepare for the class by watching the flipped teaching video prior to taking the classes, and they learn practically what they have prepared with Taiwanese students online. The instructors are 9 third-year students, 1 fourth-year student, and 2 graduate students. They use a Chinese textbook compiled by Kosen teachers who involve in Chinese education “Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages Chinese Introduction for Science” (published by Kohbun), and they are scheduled to complete the textbook in thirty classes by the end of September.

Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages which the Taiwanese students belong to is the only university in Taiwan that specializes in foreign language education. Ube Kosen accepts their students from the Department of Applied Chinese Language; Foreign Language Education (English Education); and Japanese Language as practical students every year. Originally, we were supposed to have students from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages and National United University (Miaoli City), which we also signed an MOU with, as Chinese practicum students, and they supposed to teach Chinese in a classroom. We managed to have a Chinese class online with the cooperation of teachers and students of the Department of Applied Chinese Language of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages prior to the class.

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Kosen student taking a class

Su, Xin-Yi (2-year of the Department of Applied Chinese Language of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages)


It is my second time to participate in an internship at Ube Kosen. My first time was during the winter holiday, for a month in 2017. It was a short time, but I learned many things because Ube Kosen planned activities such as a meeting with Kosen Students, visiting companies, Chinese study sessions. It stays in my memories. Ube Kosen students could not come to Taiwan to learn Chinese this year because of the COVID 19, so we only communicated via the internet. Ube Kosen students could not communicate in Chinese at first, but they started to be able to speak in Chinese, and I was able to answer their questions in Chinese as well, and that made me very happy. I believe we will be able to chat easily in Chinese in the future. I wish they will continue to learn Chinese and I would like to visit Ube Kosen again in the future.

MURAKAMI Mai (3-year of the Department of Business Administration)

Ms. Murakami taking the class

The reason I joined this learning project “Learn Chinese for Beginner” is I could not go to Singapore for English training scheduled this summer due to the COVID 19. I was very worried at first because the Chinese class was done online, and the conversation with a Taiwanese student who taught me Chinese was made in English. But the more classes I had, the more I became closer to my partner, Wei-Ni (Chen, Wei-Ni, 3-year of the Department of Applied Chinese Language). I have a hard time every day because Chinese pronunciation is difficult, but Wei-Ni is very patient with me and teaches me well. When I do well during the class, she is also happy for me, so that I enjoy taking the class every time.

TAMURA Kaito (2-year of the Department of Intelligent System Engineering)

During Mr. Tamura taking the class

The reason I joined this learning Chinese project is I wanted to learn minimum Chinese as preliminary knowledge for studying abroad. First, it did not go smoothly because of the environment that I had to speak in English all the time and it was online. But under such an environment, in the process of trying various ways, I became close to my partner. I think I developed communication skills as well as Chinese. My partner, Chen, Ting-Hsuan (3-year of the Department of Applied Chinese Language) had patience with me and taught me well not being disappointed even I could not learn so good. She gave me warm words whether I did well or not. All the materials she made were easy to understand and I felt she planned out the class very well. Now I am looking forward to taking her class every day.

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