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The first joint interim presentation for the internal affairs teaching material production group



Student’s group, which produces teaching materials for international students at Kosen to learn Japanese, complicated Japanese rules, etc., participated in the joint interim presentation that was held at Hiroshima City Youth Center (Motomachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima City) with Tsuyama Kosen and reported their progress on Saturday, June 26.

The project is a research subject selected as “desktop game type teaching material development for internal affairs” of the 2021 Kosen conference research grant. The purpose of the development is to provide a “board game” to international students who study at Kosen that they learn how to solve various problems they may happen to have during their stay in Japan. Our students work with Tsuyama Kosen students together.

We announced to all the students about the project through the international exchange office this April. We started the project with nine people, the detail is seven students who applied for, and Assoc. professor Masayoshi HASAMA as an advisor (the Department of Business Administration, support for the board game theory) as well as Prof. Manabu HATAMURA (the Department of General Subjects, support for Japanese teaching material production).

After the kickoff meeting (online) on May 11, they separated into three teams by mixing both school’s students. They had some meetings including online meetings and prepared for the interim presentation. This was the first presentation, and the three teams reported the completed game structure that they aimed for by using PowerPoint documents in turns.


Team Content of the developed game Participants from Ube Kosen
A Board game combined Japanese events and food MOTONAGA Nagisa
(4th year of the Department of Business Administration)
(2nd year of the Department of Intelligent System Engineering)
(2nd year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)
B Card game based on the Japanese transportation system KANEKO Siho
(1st year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)
(1st year of the Department of Business Administration)
C Card game for learning vague differences in Japanese YAMASHITA Kao
(1st year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)
(1st year of the Department of Business Administration)

Group Presentation ①

Group Presentation ②

Group Presentation ③

Listening to other group’s presentation ①

Listening to other group’s presentation ②

We aim to complete the trial version by end of the year and continue to work. The second joint interim presentation is scheduled for October this year.

Group picture with members of Tsuyama Kosen

Participated student’s comments

MOTONAGA Nagisa(4th year of the Department of Business Administration)

I participate in the development of board game as a leader of group A. When I participated in a project called “Let’s talk in Chinese!” in my 2nd year, I researched a Taiwanese card game called “Yes! GINSENG”. It was the reason why I joined the board game development team.
Group A decided to produce a board game which is a combination of Japanese events and food because we learned that international students wanted to know “Japanese events”. As the game goes by, the season changes in this board game. The start is New Year, and the goal is New Year’s Eve (December 31). We are planning to make squares that mean money, annual events, one time skip, etc. You purchase “food cards” with money you have and cook Japanese food, finally, you exchange the meals you cook for money. A person who has the money most wins the game.
Sometimes it was difficult because we could discuss only online with members of Tsuyama Kosen, but we would continue to have a meeting once a week. We would like to develop a completely new fun board game by playing the existing board games with members and having brainstorming.

KANEKO Siho(1st year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)

I participate in this project as a sub-leader of Team B.
Our team will produce a card game based on the Japanese transportation system. Through this presentation, we discussed some issues that need to be resolved and improved. As a result, we decided to take board game style, not card game style. We also discussed and found some other issues after the presentation.
We will produce a sample game for the second joint interim presentation in October and continue to work to produce a better board game.

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