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A special class about international exchange provided to the 5th-grade students of Kamihara Elementary School



Teachers and students of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Department of Business Administration provided a special class about international exchange to the 5th-grade students of the Kamihara Elementary School on Friday, June 25th. What the special class is that our students provide classes to students in an elementary school and a junior high school nearby on various topics.

Associate Prof. Koichi Shigeno and 8 students (4th and 5th-year) of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering provided a class named “Easy Science Experiment in Development Countries!”. Associate Prof. Shigeno has worked as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer in Ghana. So, he and his students introduced Ghana and performed an experiment to make a battery utilizing charcoal that was used for mainly cooking in Ghana.

Prof. Shinya Tagawa, Assistant Prof. Tsutomu Ito, and 8 students (3rd-year) including 2 international students from Laos from the Department of Business Administration had a class named “Let’s look up the country of Laos!”. The international students introduced Laos and performed quizzes. The elementary school students energetically answered quizzes that Kosen students prepared, and they listened to the explanation provided by international students intensely.

Experiment of making charcoal batteries

International student introducing Laos

Challenging quizzes about Laos

Elementary school students who participated in both classes gave a lot of feedback such as “it was good to learn Ghana and Laos”, “it was fun to do the experiment and quizzes. I want to do more”.
Also, it was a good experience for participated Kosen students. They were inspired by the experience and they gave feedback such as “it was a valuable experience because I communicated with individual students”, “I was surprised that elementary school students were so energetic when we asked questions. I would like to be more active like them”.

We provide classes on various contents. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

Comments from Participated Students

Haruki KONO (4th-year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)

I explained the experiment by standing in front of the blackboard in the class. I learned it was difficult to communicate because I needed to explain the experiment easily and in a short time. On the other hand, the elementary school students asked me questions energetically when they did not understand so that I knew what part was hard to understand in my explanation for them. It was good learning for me.
I was very happy because all the students managed to succeed in the experiment with no trouble, and they said they enjoyed it.
I will have more opportunities to talk in front of people in the future, such as a research presentation, so I would like to use this experience and train myself to perform a better presentation.

SENGHMONGCHANG PHA (3rd-year of the Department of Business Administration, International Students from Laos)

It was my first time introducing my country to Japanese students, but I enjoyed it very much. I also obtained a lot of knowledge from this project. I worked as a team with Japanese students, and I was very happy that I learned some from the elementary school students. For example, even though the elementary school students are still a child, but they answered quizzes very energetically during the class. Also, they listened to me well while I taught the Lao language. I had an impression that the Japanese elementary school students were more active than Laos’s. I made some mistakes during the class, but I would learn from the mistakes and make my presentation better.

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