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The Literature Club made a literature exchange with the MARA University of Technology students.



The literature club has started a new activity this school year that is to support Japanese writing for long-term international students every Monday after-school. They also have started to introduce various Japanese cultures to MARA University of Technology short-term international students from Malaysia since October.

The list below is the activities they have had since October.

Date of Activity Content of Activity
October 24 Self-Introduction then introduced Japanese novels and Hiragana letters
October 31 Introduced themselves in Japanese, Japanese Kendama and Otedama
November 7 Japanese calligraphy: Write your name in Kanji
November 14 Hyakunin-Isshu (card game): Lecture about the game
November 21 Hyakunin-Isshu (card game): Play the game
December 19 Iroha Karuta (card game)

Self-introduction in Japanese


The literature club students introduced the MARA University of Technology student’s name in Kanji.


Practicing Hiragana

Japanese calligraphy experience ①


Japanese calligraphy experience ②

The final activity for last year, on Monday, December 19, they introduced Japanese new year plays and then they separated into some groups and introduced “Iroha Karuta”.

During the activity, they explained how to play the Karuta in basic and what Japanese proverb on the card meant in English.

Challenging Hyakunin-Isshu


Introduction of Iroha Karuta

When our students explained these things, they had a hard time because some vocabularies and proverbs were not often used nowadays. Eventually, the time was up when they explained the cards, so they could not play the game. But it seemed like students had a good experience.

The literature club will continue these international exchange activities as one of their activities.

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