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International Exchange Activity with the MARA University of Technology Students after-school at Ni-Halo JAPANESE Club



One group of the Ube Kosen Student Ambassador (SA) which is in charge of exchange activities with international students plans some after-school exchange activities at the “Ni-Halo JAPANESE” club for the MARA University of Technology students who came to our school with a scholarship provided by Japan Student Services Organization

The group organized a main activity in which students communicated using some board games in Japanese as an after-school exchange activity with the long-term international students every Thursday starting in last April. Since the MARA University of Technology students came to our school in October, they have changed the activity contents as it is difficult to communicate in Japanese, so they have been communicating in English and simple Japanese.

Learning Japanese using flashcards ①


Learning Japanese using flashcards ②

They have done self-introduction using simple Japanese, games in Japanese using flashcards, etc. Our students play the role of a facilitator each time and they have been enjoying the activity.

On December 22, the final activity for last year, they lectured Japanese manners for meals, and they also made a mini Christmas tree.
For Japanese meal manners, they learned how to use chopsticks and the rule of layout of dishes. SA members gave instructions on how to make the mini Christmas tree, and they finished making their own tree with international students.

Learning the rule of layout of dishes


Lecturing how to use chopsticks


During the activity

Making the mini Christmas tree ①


Making the mini Christmas tree②


Group picture after making the mini Christmas tree

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