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International Exchange with MARA University of Technology supported by JST SAKURA SCIENCE PROGRAM



We invited 1 faculty and 10 students from the MARA University of Technology (Malaysia) using the “SAKURA SCIENCE Exchange Program” organized by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) from Tuesday, December 13, 2022 to Monday, December 19, 2022.

The purpose of the invitation was to let them learn Japanese advanced technologies and corporate equipment, etc. by visiting corporations and facilities as well as Japanese attractions and different cultures by communicating with Japanese people and long-term international students; to foster human resources who can contribute to the world including Japan by increasing innovation capability through research sessions and workshops according to a theme “Experience of real Japan and foster human resources for a future innovation by interacting with Kosen students and long-term international students”.

Students and faculty of the MARA University of Technology joined the following program during their stay.

Tuesday, December 13
Toshiba Science Museum


Visited Toshiba Science Museum

They visited Toshiba Science Museum located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
They were particularly interested in the “History Zone” in the exhibition area that introduced many products which were released for first time in society by Toshiba.

Wednesday, December 14
Corporation Visits (Yanagiya Machinery Co., Ltd. and UBE Corporation)


At Yanagiya Machinery Co., Ltd.

First, they visited Yanagiya Machinery Co., Ltd. After they received some information about the company, they went to see a crab stick manufacturing machinery, etc. Students were very interested in the machinery and they asked questions about the structure to the staff. They had a meaningful time there.
Then, they visited Ube-i-Plaza which was the general information facility of UBE Corporation. After they watched a video about the company, they were told the UBE corporation’s history and business operations referenced with large size of satellite photos.
In the exhibition area, they were interestingly seeing the company’s products and technologies.

Thursday, December 15
Ube Kosen (Classes, Research Offices, Facilities)


Explaining research in Prof. Mitani office

They visited classes, research offices, and facilities in Ube Kosen.
They visited some research offices of each department and learned about the department and their research respectively, also, they went to see some classes and experiments.
At the Department of Intelligent System Engineering, Prof. Mitani introduced his department and research on image processing/ pattern recognition in his office. Then they went to see a class of Intelligent System Engineering Practice I of the 1st-year student. During the class, the MARA University of Technology students interacted with our students. They introduced what they learned at the university as well as answered some questions asked by our 1st-year students.
It seemed like to be an interesting visit for them to learn about research in different fields and experimental equipment.


Group picture in the President office

Then, they visited President’s office and talked to President Yamakawa, the Academic Affairs Chief Senba, and the Head of the International Exchange Office Hatamura. The MARA University of Technology students told their thought about our classes, experiments/ practice, and research content that they went to see in the morning. President Yamakawa appreciated their visit and encouraged them for the future.

Friday, December 16
Research Session


During the research session

The MARA University of Technology students and Ube Kosen students presented their own research achievements.
The research presentation made by the MARA University of Technology students was about palm oil applications, the development of an app for babysitters, etc. The content was interesting as it was different from the Japanese view.
The research session was extensive because the research contents had some varieties as students’ specialties were different, also, the answer and question session was energetic.
After the research session, they enjoyed a meal with our students who would join a workshop the following day at the Pelican cafeteria.

Saturday, December 17 and Sunday, December 18
Workshop/ Achievement Report Session


During the workshop

At the end of the program, we had a workshop.
In the workshop, we thought about “products” and “services” that would solve social issues and we discussed how to solve these issues in each group.
The participants discussed the issues and ideas to solve them, which students prepared prior to the workshop, in each group. Then they got one solving idea over the two days workshop. Some groups suggested a new service after they put an individual’s idea together, and some groups got a new idea during the discussion. The participants enjoyed the workshop.
At the end of the workshop, each group presented their resulting idea.
We will apply the ideas we made in the workshop to “The 11th contest: make our society better with ideas” organized by the Organization of Advertising Creation.


After the workshop

Participants from the MARA University of Technology said, “I want to learn more about Japanese technologies and cultures”, “I am interested in creating innovations”, etc. after the workshop. They seemed to be satisfied with the program.
We will have online communication to make the relationship deeper with the MARA University of Technology participants.

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