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“Let’s learn about Laos!” Held a cross event for families to understand cross-culture



We held the second time “Let’s learn about Laos!” event that was for families to understand cross-culture on Sunday, December 5, 2021. We had it at Ogori Fureai Center “Ogori People’s Kitchen”. Two Laos international students and seven Ube Kosen students (one 2nd-year student from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, one 3rd-year student from the Department of Business Administration, five 1st-year students from the Department of Business Administration) participated in the event.

Ube Kosen and Ogori People’s Kitchen held the event with the support of Yamaguchi International Exchange Association. We held the first event in November.

Total of thirteen people (five groups of elementary students and their guardians) joined the event. They learned Laos culture by having some activities in the same way as the previous event and ate some Laos food. Participated elementary students said, “Laos food was spicy, but it was good. Laos culture and the letters were difficult. But I want to visit Laos sometime in the future” and we received some other comments. It seemed like they had fulfilled experiences.

It is needless to say that international students introduced Laos culture through the event, but it also provided opportunities to learn something for Japanese students by supporting international students outside of the school.

Most of Ube Kosen students who participated in this event were new members. This is because we would like to get ready an environment for more students to participate as well as it is a part of the education how to maintain the procedure to run events among students.

International student introducing his country

Japanese student introducing Ube Kosen

Introducing Laos food

We are planning to collaborate with “Kids Kitchen” and “Kids Place” in Yamaguchi prefecture and to expand the activity. Lastly, we received tremendous support for the event from the staff of Yamaguchi International Exchange Association and Ogori People’s Kitchen such as cooking Laos food for tasting. We would like to show our appreciation.



Inoue Maho (1st-year of the Department of Business Administration)

I learned many things such as the Lao language, Laos tourist sport, Lao letters in the event. It was a valuable experience.
I was surprised at elementary students because they had more correct answers about Laos quizzes than I did when we interacted with them. I heard that Elementary schools nowadays provided English classes. So I will be happy if they have more international exchange activities in the future. I would like to join actively in international exchange activities outside of school.

Nagao Miyuu (2nd-year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)

I was in charge of the “Let’s write down your name in Lao” activity at the event. I practiced pronunciations in Lao because I was in charge of the activity, but it was hard because Lao looked like hieroglyphs and Japanese did not have some of the pronunciation. But I also thought it was interesting. I did not join any international exchange activities when I was an elementary student. So I think it is good that the elementary students get interested in foreign countries through such an event. I thought I wanted to make them happier with upgraded content for the next time when I saw their pure curiosity and smiles.

SYPHACHONE THID (3rd-year of the Department of Business Administration, Laos international student)

I had an opportunity to introduce Laos and the culture to Japanese elementary students. I enjoyed the event including the preparation. I helped elementary students how to greet in Lao as well as how to write their names in Lao. I was happy when the Japanese elementary students and their guardians ate the Lao food and said the food was tasty. I would like to join such an event if I have an opportunity.

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