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Online Communication Event with Taiwan National United University



We had an online communication event with Taiwan National United University organized by the International Exchange Club which was a part of the student association organization on Thursday, December 16, 2021. We have signed an academic exchange agreement with National United University. The purpose of the event was to communicate between Ube Kosen students and National United University students as well as to understand different cultures. Eleven students from Ube Kosen and fifteen students from National United University joined the event.

What is International Exchange Club?

The International Exchange Club was created new under the Student Association General Affairs Committee for a purpose of communicating with international students. They plan and run events such as online communication events, communication events with international students at Ube Kosen, cross-cultural experience tours.

During the online communication event

Introduction of Ube Kosen

Students who joined the event prepared some slides to introduce each country’s culture and school life, and they enjoyed the exciting discussion.

Taiwan National United University students introduced about Taiwan

Group picture for a memory of the online communication event

It is a valuable opportunity for our students to communicate with international students online with such an event because it is difficult for them to go overseas due to COVID 19 expansion. We would like to continue international exchange activities under the current situation by cooperating with international partner schools.


Kidani Ena (4th-year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Manager of the Students Association International Exchange Club)

I think the online event with Taiwan National United University was a good opportunity for more online events with them in the future as we promote online international exchange activities since last year.
Each group introduced their school and country in a short time of 1 hour, but we managed to have an active group work even though it was the first time to see each other. I think it was because the Taiwanese students helped to proceed with the group work for Ube Kosen students, so they felt easier to talk.
We would like to continue the online communication, and we would like to make an environment for free communication among students in the future based on positive parts and negative parts from this event.

Inoue Maho (1st-year of the Department of Business Administration)

I joined the online cross-cultural exchange with Yeungjin University of Korea last May to June. I learned this online event and I joined it because I wanted.
I made a PowerPoint document to introduce Japanese culture and Ube Kosen to prepare for the online communication event with Taiwanese students. I was very nervous because I was not sure if I could speak English before the event started. But once it started, I was able to talk to them easily because the Taiwanese students were very friendly. My English was not good, but some senior students in my group helped me, so I managed to tell my thoughts.
I think I can now tell my thoughts without worrying about mistakes through this experience. I would like to join again if there is another opportunity.

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