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President of Yeungjin University visited Ube Kosen for our 60th anniversary



President of Yeungjin University in Korea, CHOI JAE YOUNG visited Ube Kosen on December 16, 2022.

The visitation was for our 60th anniversary of the establishment and President CHOI JAE YOUNG gave a memorial shield to celebrate the anniversary to President Yamakawa

Memorial gift presented

Group picture

Ube Kosen and Yeungjin University signed an academic exchange agreement in 2016. We conducted some training programs for students as well as conducted some English training and lectures for teachers. We kept the communication online during COVID-19 pandemic as well.
We were not able to conduct the training by visiting each other due to COVID-19, but we re-started the exchange program for the first time in 3 years since 2019 in this year. 7 students participated in the summer training program. In addition to the memorial gifts exchange, students who participated in the summer training made a presentation. We look forward more fulfilled and expanded exchange programs as both of the organizations will have better communication toward our 70th anniversary by President CHOI JAE YOUNG visit as an opportunity.。

Presentation made by a student who participated in the summer training

Talk time after the presentation made by students who participated in the summer training

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