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Report on international exchange activities at Ambassador Meeting



Five students participated in the “Student Ambassador Meeting for 2020″ which was held at RCC cultural center in Hiroshima on Saturday, December 5 and they reported our international exchange activities.

Tsuyama Kosen proposed to have the meeting. It was a part of the global engineer training project of Tsuyama Kosen. A total of nine people (six students, three teachers and staff) from Tsuyama Kosen, seven people (five students, two teachers) from Ube Kosen participated in the meeting, and they reported their international exchange activities. Also, a teacher who helps with international exchange activities at Niihama Kosen participated in the meeting, so that the teacher would be able to use some idea to make the student ambassador activities more active at their school.

Students were not able to have international exchange activities as usual due to COVID-19, but some of them reported the possibility to do the international exchange activities online instead. They exchanged information after the presentation, and discussed making the international exchange activities more active by collaborating with each other between Tsuyama Kosen and Ube Kosen, also within the fourth block area.

KIDANI Ena reported on “Ni-MARA”, online interaction with MARA University of Technology, Malaysia

NAGAO Miyu(right side) and MATSUMOTO Sara(left side) reported on online interaction in English and Japanese

SOGO Risa (3rd year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering) reported on International Training Achievement and Tobitate Study Group

HOZUMI Masaki reported on the history of Ube Kosen Student Ambassador.

#1. Exchanging information

#2. Exchanging information

Group picture with the student ambassadors of Tsuyama Kosen

MATSUMOTO Sara (1st year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)

This was my first time to participate in the student ambassador meeting. I reported on “Ni-Haro Japan” which was an activity to make conversations with Taiwanese students of the Department of Japanese, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages in Japanese. It started in October this year.
First, I was worried to make a presentation because I was not sure if I would be able to perform well. But I made it well with senior students support. I would like to take the techniques of making presentations and making materials that my senior students taught me for my next presentation. It was good that I learned the details of Tsuyama Kosen international exchange through the student ambassadors. I would like to join the meeting and introduce something new again next time.

NAGAO Miyu (1st year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)

This was my first time participating in the student ambassadors meeting. I made a presentation on “Ni-Haro” that I joined in the third semester. I made the materials from scratch for the presentation and reported it in my own words. It was a good experience that I managed to make a presentation with senior student’s advice. I thought back on what I did well and not well in my past activities by making a presentation, also I was able to increase my motivation. I would like to communicate more with other Kosen students and I would like to learn good parts of their activities and some problems they have. It would be beneficial for the Ube Kosen international exchange in the future.
I decided to become an Ube Kosen student because their international exchange activities were attractive. I learned the international exchange had been more active recent years at the meeting. It was nice to know the history of Ube Kosen international exchange activities. It is not easy to do the activities due to the COVID-19 currently, but I should take this as an advantage to improve my English and communication skills. It would be helpful to participate in international training or international exchange activities.

HOZUMI Masaki (2nd year of the Advanced Course of Production Systems Engineering)

I made a presentation on the students ambassador (SA) as a leader of SA regarding how we started and how we run SA. I was surprised that most of the participants in the meeting were junior students. I felt the change in the way of international exchange from face to face to online as I joined the meeting. I believe we need to cooperate with other Kosen students and some groups, and create a new way of international exchange. It was good that I joined the meeting, so that I learned Tsuyama Kosen activities.

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